Let me start off by saying this is not another one of those blogs where I tell you I just recently quit my job to travel full time and you can too! I still work a “typical” 9-5 job. This is a blog where I tell you, that’s okay! It’s okay to crave the stability of a full-time job and still feel the call to travel. You can live you best, adventurous life in between the 9-5! This isn’t all about traveling to a foreign country…it’s about getting outside and experiencing this world that we live in. That is why Kevin (my husband) and I make the most of the days we do have off.


I’m a graphic designer by day. By night I am a planner who loves dreaming of what exciting adventures the future holds; and by weekend I am an adventurer. I am an avid list maker! Seriously, I make lists about any and everything, you’ll see. But, I also realize that sometimes “overly planned” trips are no fun. Sometimes it’s about the spontaneity and discovering something you never anticipated…it’s about balance.


I’m a veteran. (It is a small pet peeve of mine when someone assumes Kevin is the only vet in the family, just because he’s a man…and in much better shape than I am. So be aware there are women in the armed forces as well!) I was born and raised in Texas. I am plus sized. I love clothes with pockets. My husband just convinced me to hike in pants, and I’m never going back. Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m an outdoors person. I scream when there is an unidentified flying bug in our apartment…so maybe not as outdoorsy as I’d like to be. (Who likes bugs flying near their face anyway?) Once I came back from a weeks vacation to a HUGE spider in my toilet and I had to call my brother-in-law (who was at work an hour away) to come kill it...did you know they can climb up your drain? Nightmares for days! Anyway, this is the story of me…surviving nature and living a crazy cool life!

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